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look it's a newb!

Hi, first time poster here. Just joined up to ask some advice/tips on putting up message-stickers around in public facilities.

yeah, this is probably like Culture Jamming 101, basically I finally decided I had enough of a lot of things in my community and the fact that nobody seemed to give a shit about any of it enough to change it...such as the horrible public transport system, gossip/fashion magazines advertised on shop windows that seem to insult our intelligence, clothing stores that turn the majority of teenage girls (and those who can't seem to grow up) into clones in mini skirts, etc...

With little skills or resources to make hardcore posters or banners to express my anger, I bought a roll of small, white stickers -the sort you stick on your shirt with your name written on it at meetings- and started writing out a dozen messages.

I've stuck them on some bus stops around the CBD as well as a few magazine stands. After a few days ome have been ripped off (whether people were offended by the message or by the act of 'vandalising' or were just plain bored while waiting for the bus and wanted to rip something, I don't know). I want to keep doing this until maybe I see people start noticing it or commenting it on it; if it could inspire even a few people into thinking about something it would mean so much to me.

So anyway, what I wanted to ask was, what are some tips to keep sticking messages around the city without getting caught? Or do people even care when they see you doing it? What's the furthest you've gone to stick up a note? (i.e risked getting caught, 'damaging' merchandise or property) I have this great idea I want to do on some display inside a Glassons store, would it be too foolish for me to stick some messages right inside and expect for it to last long enough?
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